Belarusian journalist condemned colleagues for

In Belarus the leading state TV channel ONT Artemis Ahpash criticized his colleagues for “an outright lie”.

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COLLEAGUES, JOURNALISTS, PRESENTERS AND SPEAKERS TV! I want to appeal to You! Whenever the TV screens You say outright lies about what is happening now events that you feel coming home? Is your “service apartment” so You forget about everything? You are satisfied? For me You are no better or worse those members of “law enforcement” that would “pack” people into paddy wagons. But people who are detained are not extremists, not terrorists, not armed bandits — it’s the same Belarusians who just went outside to one presence to show their attitude to what is happening. Another way to Express your feelings and thoughts left. Do You agree and breathe at the behest? Over 10 years of experience in TV, I’m glad I never was a propaganda tool. I have repeatedly offered to become the leading “news”, but I each time refused. I was more into this genre of entertainment And in front of his audience I’m honest! Of sound mind I realize that after this treatment, the access to TV is closed to me. With “this” TV I was on the way. PS You All know Vladimir Pozner. So the worst thing, according to him, he’d never forgive myself is that in Soviet times he was a “tool of state propaganda.” ᅠ P. P. S. Yesterday, at a time when the streets of Minsk, Brest, Mogilev, Grodno and Molodechno riot “Packed” out in the streets citizens, ONT show “the 100-year anniversary of the Russian circus”. What a double irony.

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Jun 20, 2020 at 1:31 PDT

“For me you are no better and even worse those members of “law enforcement” that would “pack” of people in paddywagons”, — he wrote in Instagram, commenting on the mass arrests of protesters in the country.

According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus, police have detained after a campaign rally of about 270 people. Ahpash noted that these people are not extremists, they “just went outside to show their attitude to events”.

reporter noted that after this treatment he will probably be banned from TV, but he doesn’t want to be a “propaganda tool”.

we will Remind, in Belarus, protests continue in support of the alternative candidates in the presidential elections. Opponents of Lukashenka faced pressure — Victor Babariko detained, and Yury Hubarevich and Alexander Tabolic refused to participate in the campaign.

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