Belarusian journalists accused the authorities of the Republic in

About 200 Belarusian journalists signed a statement, which was sent today to the Ministers of interior and information, to the speaker of the Council of the Republic and the attorney General.

In it, the authorities are accused of harsh repression against journalists working for independent publications. Recently the security forces have arrested 43 correspondent for various media. So on July 15, “live” was detained the correspondent of “radio Svaboda” Anton Trofimovich, which the police broke his nose. However, the case opened against the journalist for “disobeying a lawful order or request of an official”.

the Signatories believe that the actions of the authorities to intimidate journalists and to demonstrate that the law in Belarus does not mean anything. “However, the shamelessness of these actions leads to the opposite effect. The cynical desire to show the citizens how they are helpless before the power in the first place discreditied the power itself”, — said in a statement.

the authors, and that the representatives TUT.BY, “radio Svaboda”, BelaPAN, “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus,” reminded the militiamen that for preventing of activity of journalists, provides for imprisonment for up to three years and promised to continue to fulfill his professional duty, and expressed solidarity “with all the innocent detainees, beaten, humiliated”.


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