There are so many ways that are more affordable, are very easy-to-use and can help you cut down your cost for your manual work and can help you get more time to make sales. Not only this but using apps for sales can help you save more time especially when you are running a small-scale business. Your time is your biggest asset and using apps can prove to be very beneficial for your sales teams to have lower administrative costs and take care of tasks like tracking leads, cold calling and perform almost every task that is part of the sales process.


In the current digital age, there are many apps that can help your sales perform their functions efficiently and close more deals. They can move through different proposals, get different contracts signed easily and improve their turnaround time and earn more money. Also, using apps for communication can help you improve communication, share files and keep everybody in your sales team on the same page. Also, using different sales apps can help all information in one place making things trackable and even evaluate and optimize your team’s performance easily. At the end of the day, you will be able to have your goals achieved and your employees more motivated. You can download different easy-to-use and easy-to-manage apps for your sales teams using RCN’s bundled services that includes RCN cable services, internet and home phone services and make things more affordable for your small business. Without further delay, let’s have a look at the different sales apps you can use:



This is one of the first mobile-based solutions to be used for outside sales teams and get rid of the guesswork and focus on the highest-level impact activity that you can perform in the field. You can use the platform to provide sales teams working in the field with information and visibility that they have been missing out on. Also, it can help them increase their sales performance and make improvements to your team’s productivity. You can integrate the app with your CRM and perform information like capturing sales activity data and send the records to your system. This will get your business insights and help your sales team work smarter. You can perform actions like managing your calendar, generate intelligent pipelines, filter prospects using attributes that can be helpful for your business, track sales activities and manage your sales teams and their activities. A unique feature offered by the app is that it can manage territories that are a perfect fit for your business and help the right roles to see the right information regarding territory permissions.

App Store Rating: 4.1



The app is one of the best apps that can run on your phone and becomes your business assistant that is fast to operate, easy to use and uses AI to operate. You can make your workplace, business processes and people more productive, more personalized and fast to operate. Using Salesforce, you can make smarter decisions and take immediate actions because of more insightful data about your business where there is so much information that you need, whenever you need it and make informed decisions from almost anywhere.

App Store Rating: 4.7



This is one of the top field sales apps that you can use on your iPhone for free. It helps you optimize your sales processes and saves a lot of time, helps you close more deals and reduce your costs as well. With the app in your business arsenal, you can assign and manage sales territories in a very speedy way, you can also track sales leads and find them easily. Also, you can share and create digital sales materials and qualify customers out in the field. To make sure that you have all paperwork and data at hand, you can create and digital contracts and get them signed

App Store Rating: 4.6


Hubspot Sales Hub

The app can help you run your business from almost anywhere in the world and push your sales deals forward. You can use the app’s capacity by managing your emails, meetings, notes, tasks using your phone. You can make yourself and your teams more productive by having the ability to see upcoming tasks, meetings and business deal reminders, you can use the app to respond to prospects from almost any app. To get this done, you can use one-tap access to your documents, template messages and other resources that are commonly used. Apart from that, you can stay organized and conduct follow-ups while details are still up-to-date. You can keep your contacts organized by creating a scanned copy where business cards get saved automatically.

App Store Rating: 4.7


Zendesk Sell

The app is a sales productivity app that provides businesses with a blend of intelligence and usability that provides them with a cutting-edge sales experience. It provides users with tools with almost everything that a sales team needs. You can get features like email templates, communication tracking, geolocations, mobile reporting and so many other features that can add more to your business activities. Using the app, your sales team can get access to everything that can make them more efficient and work more effectively. Also, it provides a secure and fast way for your sales staff to communicate and get a clear picture of your team’s pipeline. The app has some unique features like offline access, team management, usable interface and so many other features.

App Store Rating: 4.6


In the end, we can say that there are so many apps that can get the job done using their best tools and capabilities. You need to identify which app is going to be the option for you to use. For this, you have to have an idea about the budget you have, features that you want and the number of users or team members who will be using the app.