Have you been lacking on your fruit and veggie intake? Eating fruits and vegetables have numerous benefits with one of the most important being the number of nutrients and vitamins they are packed with.

Do you continually try to eat more fruits and vegetables but keep finding yourself heading back to unhealthy eating habits? If you said yes, keep reading for a few simple suggestions on how to increase these two important food groups into your diet.

Have a Plan

When you’re hungry you are more likely to grab the food item that is most convenient. Therefore, if you have a whole watermelon on your counter but also a bag of chips in your cabinet, you are more likely to grab the chips. Why? Because all you have to do is open the bag which takes a second or two, in comparison to needing to cut up an entire watermelon which will definitely take longer.

This is why it’s important to have a plan and to prepare ahead. Walking into a grocery store with a list of food items including fruits and vegetables but also having a plan on how to prepare these items will most likely lead to a better success rate of you actually eating these said fruits and vegetables.


Preparing your fruits and vegetables will allow you to have easier access to them. After you make your purchases, set aside time to prepare these foods. Whether this is just washing and cutting up some fruit to put into a container for later or steaming fresh vegetables to have ready for the week.

Having fruits and vegetables prepared ahead of time significantly increases your chances of eating them rather than having them rot in your refrigerator.

Focus on Your Likes

If you hate broccoli, don’t eat it. It’s as simple as that. Find what your taste buds enjoy. If you claim to not like any fruits or vegetables, you most likely need to retrain your taste buds. Sugar is a common additive in a majority of processed foods which lead your tastebuds to continue to want more. Slowly introducing fruits and vegetables with other foods you enjoy can help gain a taste for these nutritious food options.

Peanut butter is a flavor most individuals enjoy. Luckily, peanut butter can be a great topping on celery or apples. You can also try eating vegetables with a vegetable dip or dressing such as Ranch.

Start Small

Another way to begin eating more fruits and veggies is to start small. Begin by having a small side salad with your lunch or dinner. You can also add small touches of fruits and veggies in your breakfast dishes by tossing some spinach and peppers in your omelet.

Eating healthier doesn’t need to be difficult. Slowly introducing more fruit and vegetable intake will not only have you feeling better and healthier but can begin to broaden the amount of foods you enjoy. If you’re looking to incorporate fruits and vegetables in a way you may not have considered, Louisiana cuisine can teach you a few things.

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