Biden called trump

the Candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, Joe Biden, accused President Donald trump of racism during online meetings with voters.

Responding to a question about his attitude to the fact that trump came up with for the coronavirus of the name “Chinese virus” and “Wuhan virus”, Biden said that trump “perpetrate racism”, and called his style of communicating with people, supposedly based on their origin and skin color, “absolutely disgusting.”

Biden also stressed that the US was a racist who tried to get elected for President, but trump is the “first racist, which it failed.” After that, the users of social networks have noted that several U.S. presidents, including the first, George Washington, were slave owners, and the 28th President, Democrat Woodrow Wilson occupied the Oval office from 1913 to 1921, supported the idea of segregation, for his name in June was excluded from the name of the school at Princeton University.

the accusations of racism leveled against trump during his previous election campaign in 2015-2016. The trump asserts that the name “Chinese” and “Wuhan” appropriated to the virus because of the region of origin.

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