Biden warned the Kremlin that it would not tolerate interference in the presidential election

the Candidate in US presidents from Democrats Joe Biden said that he would consider the attempt to interfere in American elections “hostile actions” that “will greatly affect the relationship.”

In his statement, Biden stressed that “warns the Kremlin and other foreign governments” that “forced to pay” those countries that try to influence US domestic politics. He also promised that if he becomes President, the secret service, “will inform the public about foreign interference”.

in addition, Biden added that the attempt to interfere may result in sanctions against the financial sector, the freezing of assets, “the answer is in cyberspace and the disclosure of corruption,” as well as “a wide range of other actions”.

At the same time the politician stressed that he has no desire “to arrange the escalation of tensions with Russia or any other country” and would prefer to engage in the fight against coronavirus and economic crisis.

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