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Bigard takes for the package and joined the team of Marcel Campion, for the city of Paris

Jean-Marie Bigard will be part of the team of Marcel Campion, for the race to the municipal of Paris in march 2020. The comedian will be the substitute of the writer Sylvie Bourgeois, the head of the list in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. The king of showmen, who announced in October 2018, of his nomination for election, was presented Thursday in the late afternoon its 17 heads of lists, during a meeting festive”, with animations, circus parade, and cotton candy, Place de la République in Paris. Jean-Marie Bigard was part of it, the precise The World.

Its heads of lists are “only from the civil society. There is no policy. We find entrepreneurs, artisans, and writers in general,” he said to the daily 20 Minutes . Jean-Marie Bigard said Thursday on Twitter that he joined the “committee of support of Marcel Campion, because we have a common point: like the fairground, my only goal is to entertain the people. That is all. Nothing to give a fuck about politics.”

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The macho the most popular of France had already expressed his support for “his friend of 30 years” in a video published on YouTube on September 18, 2018.

a Staunch opponent to the mayor PS of Paris Anne Hidalgo, Marcel Campion, has launched a movement called “Free Paris”. According to the early polls, he is credited with 1% of the votes of the electors of paris. For months, the war is open between the “king of showmen” and the mayor of Paris, who decided in 2017 to withdraw the authorization to install a Christmas market on the Champs-Élysées. The mayor remonstrated with him not to sell artisanal products of the region, but from China, and this, at an excessive price.

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Marcel Campion is the subject of a complaint to the Court of auditors, after remarks deemed insulting and defamatory against the financial institution. The Court had pointed out in a report to 2017 significant “irregularities” in the awarding of a contract to the contractor, including that of the large wheel installed place de la Concorde. It is also referred to by another complaint, Anne Hidalgo and her deputy housing Ian Brossat (PCF), referred to also by the remarks that were deemed offensive.

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