Bill Clinton in a dress! Funny picture to have in your home. Not for Jeffrey Epstein. The billionaire, who was found dead last weekend in his prison cell, had an oil painting of the former president represented in drag, hung on the walls of his home in Manhattan, reports the New York Post . “He was clinging to the view of everyone in a room to the right of the entrance, said a source working at the prefecture of police in the u.s. daily. All those who saw it began to laugh.” According to the u.s. daily, the billionaire would not have limited the decoration of his luxurious apartment at this work of a crackpot. Epstein would have also hung a mannequin dressed in a wedding dress at the ceiling of his stairs.

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A woman who visited the apartment of billionaire confirmed the existence of the table from Clinton to the Daily Mail , not to mention the puppet. It was able to take a photo of the work, which has made the rounds of social networks. The former president appears in blue dress and red heels, sitting on a chair in the oval Office, in a pose echoing the Uncle Sam of James Montgomery Flagg. The holding of Clinton is a reference to Monica Lewinsky, the secretary with whom he had maintained an extramarital relationship during his presidency.

The table, Parsing Bill , is the work of Petrina Ryan-Kleid. The artist said he was “totally surprised” at the level of The Washington examiner to learn that the billionaire had hung his painting on the wall. She had painted a similar picture of George W. Bush playing with paper planes and wooden laths in his office in the White House.

Epstein, who is suspected of sexual assault on a minor, was familiar to Clinton. According to the spokesperson of the former president, the latter would have made four trips in the plane of the billionaire, reports the Times of Israel. He also said that Clinton “knew nothing of the terrible crimes with which Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty in Florida a few years ago, nor those which he has recently been accused in New York”.

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