“death comes and goes”, is reminiscent of the elders of the indian tribe Wayuu. In 1968, in the desert of colombia, she is going to oppose another clan. After the contemplative The Embrace of the serpent already presented at the Quinzaine des réalisateurs in Cannes (2015), Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego, producer, immerse the viewer in the middle of the war of the drug traffickers, precursor of Pablo Escobar.

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A bloody war where revenge is queen as in a Greek tragedy (the authors have composed their story in five acts), or a western by Quentin Tarantino. Shamanic also. Here, the rites are sacred, the birds are heralds of misfortune and the spirits of the dead communicate with the living. Such priests shamanic, the two filmmakers paint a portrait of Rapayet (José Acosta, a mouth as it is said), a young man who is enriched, and enriches his clan by selling marijuana to american tourists.

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Ursula (remarkable Carmina Martinez after the theatre) that sealed the fate of his daughter with the unbeliever warns that it is “capable of anything” for his family and his clan. The fiery Rapayet the not yet known, but there is nothing to stop the escalation of violence.

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Birds of passage Western shamanic Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego. With: José de Acosta,Carmina Martinez, Natalia Reyes… Duration: 2: 01.