This is an armchair of red velvet, which stands in the middle of the rubble. A burst carmine, that arose from the ruins. “My chair… sighs Archbishop Chauvet by enlarging the photo on his mobile phone. The one where I was sitting when I celebrated the holy mass.” In a few hours, on 15 April, the rector of Notre-Dame has seen his house go up in smoke. His spiritual home, where he was ordained a priest on June 28, 1980, but also his company, this company of 67 employees that he runs for 2016. Two months later, in his cluttered office of an orchid offered by Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of representatives in Washington, and a check giant of € 30,000 paid by a chinese association of the diocese of Massachusetts, it ensures that “the hard part is past.” We asked about his form. He responds, a mischievous : “I have the grace to sleep well and have a lot of humor.” We are inclined to believe him.

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He said without a blush, the night of the …

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