You don’t want to be in the place of the curator of the Museum of arts and crafts. Because it is not simple to draw crowds with collections of praxinoscopes, two or three émanateurs of radium, the case of storage of a network analyzer electrical Dranetz (type 626A), a triode lamp emission, the calculating machine of Louis Couffignal, or, always at random, a recorder of the 1967 test that we would willingly with a refrigerator if the cartel did the opposite. It is thus necessary to use. The exhibition “drawing Machines” that have made a splash in 2016, just as the carte blanche Enki Bilal two years earlier, was once again summoned the comic strip and, this time, rolled out the red carpet at the captain Francis Blake and his sidekick with tweed jacket and pipe de bruyère, professor Mortimer.

A stupendous mask of the laboratory of contemporary of Lavoisier nearby with the scaphandriers of “The Enigma of Atlantis”.

An exhibition of such magnitude with so many originals, including sketches and blue color – is therefore a world first.” A first …

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