It’s albums that make the difference from the coverage. Which one feels that they have something special. The Last Pharaoh is one of those. This new adventure of Blake and Mortimer, revised and expanded by the artist of Cited the obscure , François Schuiten, is not like the other. Intimidated by the brilliant work of Jacobs, the Belgian Schuiten joined the three stooges, the filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael, the novelist Thomas Gunzig and the poster artist Laurent Durieux. For three years, they are found in the workshop of the designer of The Fever of Urbicande and have come up with an adventure out of the common for the two heroes “so British” born in 1946, under the pen of Edgar P. Jacobs. While keeping its graphic style, Schuiten has given birth to a great comic, full-bodied and controlled, which is able to capture the spirit of Jacobs, and the original series.

Stunning dream sequences

The story begins shortly after the revival of Blake and Mortimer, strangely …

I log

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