The malambo, it is originally a folk dance of the argentine pampas practiced by the gauchos, the guardians of livestock. Although considered old-fashioned by the Argentines of the cities, behold, this dance caused a sensation on the international scene. Evidence that in our modern world, the boundary between what is “fashionable” and the old-fashioned is fine!

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the origin of this craze, there was the passion of one man, Gilles Brinas. This former dancer at the opéra de Lyon has left France to settle in Buenos Aires, where it is used to remove the dust and give a second breath to this dance if physical. As a result, a ballet-concert, simply titled Che Malambo, which very quickly ignited the social networks. The director has abandoned the local costumes for simple jeans and T-shirt in black that highlight the impressive steps of the dancers, and clarify the choreography.

Curiously, this is not the tango as the dance gets closer, but the flamenco. Even though the Atlantic ocean separates these two expressions, we find the port proud and proud, almost warrior-dancers, like the leather boots with the thick heels which strike the ground with force, and at times the accompaniment of the guitar.

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But the comparison stops there: rather than a lament or nostalgic, the malambo is a concentrate of vitality coming of the great spaces. If the 12 dancers will tell nothing, their abundance of energy is interrupted, and is flabbergasted when they are spinning their Boleadoras, these balls attached to the ends of ropes, with which they hit the ground in rhythm. It is visually stunning, and worn by powerful percussion, as the said Gilles Brinas, close to the heart rhythm. The BPM (beat per minute) techno before the hour.

Che Malambo at Bobino, 14-20 rue de la Gaîté, 75014 Paris, france. Until 21 April.