The role of the four people in police custody remains to be determined, said the prosecution, confirming information from TF1.

In a video posted on Twitter by freelance journalist Clément Lanot, which revealed the discovery of the body, we see white tarpaulins stretched over a facade and police officers dressed in white coveralls busying themselves.

An investigation has been opened for murder of a minor under the age of 15 and entrusted to the criminal brigade, the prosecution said.

The trunk was found at the bottom of the building where the girl lived, said the prosecution.

The disappearance of the teenager had previously been reported to the police, said the source familiar with the matter.

According to another source familiar with the matter, her father, worried about not seeing her return from college, had warned his wife who went to the police station to report her disappearance.

No details were immediately known about the cause of the teenager’s death.