Bohemian Rhapsody , of the famous group led by Freddie Mercury, has always be as successful. Thus, the song of six minutes just to cross the billion views on YouTube, 44 years after its release, in October 1975. The work had been posted in 2008 on YouTube, two years after the creation of the platform. It is now the first and only video of a song with such a seniority to make as many views.

This great success was due in part to the biopic on the leader of Queen, a film that received multiple awards, including several Golden Globes and Oscars. Since the feature-length film, the video has gained over 250 million views and is still viewed 600,000 times per day!

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Bohemian Rhapsody can now boast of belonging to this very exclusive club of songs with the most views. It surpasses even Gangnam Style of the Korean Psy with his dance of the horse, had beaten the record seven years ago already. The group Queen welcomed the news on Twitter and thanked his fans: “A billion views for the Bohemian Rhapsody ! To know that our music still has such an impact is incredible, so thank you!”

This is not the first feat achieved by this title: Monday 10 December 2018, it had become the most listened to of the Twentieth century. Universal, his production house, forward the figure of 1.6 billion listen online on Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Youtube (respectively 600 million sheets and $ 750 million on the last two platforms).

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On Youtube, Bohemian Rhapsody going before November Rain of Guns n’roses dating back to 1991. On the network, the two other songs to the oldest which are still in front of the hit Queen are Gummy Bear of Gummibar (released in 2006) and Numb Linkin Park (released in 2003), the two-line since 2007.

In regard to the titles of the most recent, far far away from any competition, Despacito of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is still in the lead with over 6 billion views, followed by Shape of You , Ed Sheeran, and See You Again Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, amounting respectively to 4.3 and 4.1 billion views.