Bussang, 1405 inhabitants at the last census, has a casino, a ski resort and a theater of 900 seats. Not any. The Theatre of the People, founded at the end of the Nineteenth century by Maurice Pottecher, to the time when the train ventured up into the bottom of the valley in vosges. Prodigious wooden cangue, a sort of shell of a vessel reversed, the building is classified historical monument. Simon Delétang, its current managing director, had come there child. He remembers a Ondine de Giraudoux played under the storm. The drops crépitaient on the frame, the bats voletaient between the acts… Of what you inoculate for a hundred years the virus of the boards.

“We want to bring together the elite, the more educated and the layers were more modest.”

Simon Delétang, director of Theatre of the People

Actor and director, Delétang became great was not income until the day to run for the leadership. It was two years ago. Nine months of selection, 160 candidates, one oral to the Senate to decide between the last selected… Since then, it strives to perpetuate the utopia of the theater. “The most difficult is to be at the height of the name. The word …

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