Bolton commented on the reaction of trump's article on

the Statement by U.S. President Donald trump that he does not know about the alleged collusion of Russia and the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia), is “quite remarkable,” says CNN, citing a former White house adviser on national security, John Bolton.

“It’s part of the problem with the way the President trump takes decisions in the sphere of national security. It’s just divorced from reality with which he deals. It is tied to his personal position,” Bolton said.

He stressed that the “quite remarkable that the President is doing everything to indicate that he had not heard about it”.

Former Advisor did not confirm or deny information that appeared on the collusion of Russia and the Taliban.

Earlier, the New York Times published an article alleging that Russia had offered money to the Taliban for the attack on US troops in Afghanistan. Trump said that he wasn’t reported and not reported. The Russian foreign Ministry rejected the accusations.

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