Bolton said, as trump refers to different world leaders

a Retired Advisor to the us President for homeland security John Bolton said the leader of the United States Donald trump is a world leader with whom he has to meet and negotiate. Excerpts from the memoirs of the Bolton cites The Guardian.

So, in the book, the former adviser noted that the “trump puts the British and Japanese Prime Ministers, Boris Johnson and Shinzo Abe in a number of world leaders to whom he is closest.”

John Bolton memoir reveals UK’s fragile relations with Trump

— The Guardian (@guardian) June 19, 2020

At the same time about the French leader, he speaks not very flattering. “Trump believes that everything it touches, French President Emmanuel macron, “becomes garbage”, — quotes the edition of Bolton, while instead of the word “garbage” used an obscene term.

The trump Bolton in the book described as “maloaziatskogo not interested in geopolitics and the easy manipulation of man.” After excerpts from the memoirs disseminated by the media, the administration, trump filed a lawsuit asking to ban the publication of the book of Bolton, stating that it allegedly contains “secret information”.

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