Bonia call yourself a real Russian woman and boasted knowledge of the

Famous TV presenter Victoria Bonya wondered why it is considered a CIT.

In your Instagram, the former participant “Houses-2” posted the photo in a white dress with a large neckline and explained why it should be seen as a “real Russian woman”.

Bonia admitted that can easily fix the plumbing or a TV in contrast to men. As an example, the presenter brought the story, when lived with the former civil husband Alex Servicom.

“we broke the house plumbing and a habit I have that I am my own master, asked him to repair it. He made round eyes and told me to call the master,” wrote Bonia, adding that she was amazed by this reaction men and in 10 minutes she fixed it herself.

Bonia also told how at the age of 10 alone with a soldering iron, repaired the TV “the ruby”. The presenter also promised next time to tell you about their knowledge about the garden and the care of livestock.

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