Bonia explained his statement about

Caught up in the scandal center after speaking about “inept alcoholics” TV presenter and star of “House-2” Victoria Bonia in another video in his Instagram decided to clarify my words.

According to her, her statement about the Russians parasites, using measures of social support and receiving the minimum wage could hurt only those who belong to this class of people.

the socialite added that people who strive for something, would give these words meaning. The presenter clarified that I was talking about people who “turned into trash.”

the Star of “House-2” said he was not against raising the minimum wage. “We support alcoholics and parasites that we just keep quiet. We are silent, what we see as alcoholics and parasites violate the norms of what an employee should do”, — was indignant Bonia, noting that many heard her words one-sided.

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Jun 16, 2020 at 10:16am PDT

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