And suddenly, his famous gravelly voice sounds. “ Darrrrrrrling! “, roared Bonnie Tyler with a terrible accent of the country of Wales. Blow-dry blonde hair to turn green with envy Farrah Fawcett and long nails purple fully assumed, this glory of the 1980’s is inseparable from its three tubes international, It’s a Heartache , Total Eclipse of the Heart and I Need a Hero . On the passport of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Bonnie Tyler, alias Mrs Gaynor Sullivan, goes to his 68 years. The tiny woman in front of us, in fact, rather 50. She took the opportunity to dip into his stock of replicas favorite : “It’s the Botox, darrrrling. I started 40 years before you have wrinkles. I am only the forehead and eyes.” And the hair? “Every six weeks in DD, my hairdresser for the past fifty years the country of Wales. When it stops, I could not get out.”

On the occasion of his seventeenth studio album, Between the Earth and the Stars , an album …

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