How did we get here? The rap has never been in the media. The chronicle of the adventures of Booba and Kaaris passionate about, especially since their fight in paris in August 2018. Booba lying on his bed, smoking his cigar or Kaaris at the wheel of his Porsche: their videos posted on Instagram often exceed the million views. For artists whose securities are called AieAieOuille and Kalash , it was not won. What must they be such a success on the web?

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The rappers have only one imperative: to occupy as much as possible the media space. They have done their the old adage, which is to say that a bad celebrity is always better than a lack of fame. This will require multiple “clashes”. The quarrels which, in the rap of the 2000s, were used as an opportunity to oratory, and that have become simple exchanges of insults. “I am going to buy a [sandwich] Greek fries and you stick it in the ass (sic)”, launched Kaaris on January 6, to his rival.

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@boobaofficial or are the contracts of the battle that you have already organized?? you are talking about the Greek fries now Sends the contraaaaaaaaaattttttt street fight in a cage without an official MMA bcp traced bcp blala Of you to send me the contract I put on the internet like that all the world will see !!!! #essaiededormirelie

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“Booba and Kaaris wallow in a simple war of egos,” says Romain Colin, director of the site Fubiz, a media devoted to pop culture, and a specialist in digital marketing. Despite the setting in front of their fortune-Booba laughed at lately Kaaris saying unable to “get out” a million euros, their aim is not so much financial as social. And their strategy seems to be paying, because other figures in the rap as The stone Marten can be found on the key, much less followed on the Internet.

On Instagram, Kaaris accounts for 2.7 million subscribers, Booba, 3.7 million. The social network is their favorite tool to establish their presence in the media. They publish each up to five times per day. You can see images of album covers, concert excerpts, and, of course, videos of insult. They use “stories”, short videos visionnables for a limited period of 24 hours. The ephemeral nature encourages further provocation and has an addictive nature to the subscribers.

The reign of amateurism

“The role of managers is reduced in skin of sorrow”, analysis Anthony Babkin, an expert in digital strategy. Booba and Kaaris manage their image as they see fit, blow of the “stories” recorded in the kitchen, the toilet or in the car.

“Their amateurism is screaming,” says Anthony Babkin. In particular about the struggle that the rappers want to organize in April 2019. Last December, Booba has decreed that the confrontation would take place in The Defence Arena, without even having contacted the room. She did know that she did not want to be associated nor near nor far in the event. The two rivals have turned their eyes to Brussels after being realized that the MMA, a discipline ultraviolente, is prohibited in France.

As many twists and turns that drain hundreds of thousands of clicks. “The two rappers do not appeal to professionals who could manage for themselves the organization of the struggle because the key is of buzz,” says Anthony Babkin.

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Booba, the american strategy

“Booba has adopted a us strategy,” says Romain Colin, the director of the site Fubiz. It does not separate the private and professional life ; a phenomenon that is still rare in the French rap.” Not so surprising on the part of the singer: he moved to Miami in 2008. “Booba reflects more of his image than does its rival,” he continued. On his account Instagram, the rapper from Boulogne shows her house with a swimming pool. And it is often seen with his daughter, he did not hesitate to play in one of his clips.

Kaaris, for its part, claimed on 16 January in an interview with the Paris be a family man, loving and caring, enjoying simple things, loving life in the countryside. It would almost be softened.