there would he no limit in the fight between Booba and Kaaris? While the two rappers have decided to come to blows to settle their disputes through a clash of MMA (mixed martial arts) is scheduled in December in Switzerland, this does not prevent them from continuing to run spikes through their favourite playground: social networks.

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Last episode in date, the commentary assassin of Booba in a publication of Kaaris. The rapper from Sevran has posted a picture of his daughter with the caption “a man’s life”. As usual, Booba could not help but stir up the embers of the fire by commenting: “The death of a child”.

Even if one has become accustomed, unfortunately, to see them yelling through social network interposed, this limit had not yet been reached. Kaaris, who regrets to be “the head of the Turkish of his rival for the past six years”, has not yet reacted to the attack. But the commentary moved from the ex-rapper of the group Lunatic did not fail to call upon the internet users, who were indignant in the face of his behavior “childish and untimely”.

fans of Booba have tried to explain that the comment of their idol was a reference to the words of his title Pitbull: “The death of a man, the death of a child. The royal blood in the veins, first in sports and in singing”. Even… “and The comment of Booba is super moved, that it comes from the song Pitbull or not, (…). You love too defend the indefensible (…)”, said a web user on Twitter.

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Since their fight in paris in August 2018, which had caused tens of thousands of euros of damage, chronicle the adventures of Booba and Kaaris passionate about. The reputation of the Duke of Boulogne on the networks is no longer to prove. The least of its publications generates thousands of clicks and views, especially when it comes to clash with other rappers. Internet users are particularly fond of. And Kaaris is not the only one to have paid the expenses. Rohff, La Fouine and Seth Gueko have also been the target of provocations from Booba.

Kaaris blacklisted by the rappers?

During her stint in the show Clicks , Kaaris explained that this clash unprecedented with his enemy has had a real impact on his career. It has also proved to be “blacklisted” by rappers because of Booba. The influence of the latter would be such in the middle of the rap, that some artists fear a negative impact on their career.

After the oratory, the two rivals have decided to make things serious. The combat of mixed martial arts that will take place in December 2019, in Geneva, under the guidance of the promoter switzerland Strength and Honor Championship, promises to be, a contract of “1.5 million euros for the winner and € 500,000 to the loser.”

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Despite this agreement, conquered the fight, the rivals continue to cause each other. “The date is coming soon,” writes Booba in the caption of several videos posted on her account Instagram and in which it discovers in the training. A few days earlier, he released a video in which he trains the shot on a photo of the rapper from Sevran printed on a target. The delicacy, nothing of the delicacy…

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