“In history, the best it were black and Arab”. The phrase is from Kylian Mbappé. It dates from 2011. These images, in resonance with the controversy of filing the ethnic Paris Saint-Germain, has been captured on a football field in Bondy, while the star of the team of France had not yet twelve years old. It is this short video clip chosen by Booba and Medina to announce their future collaboration, relaying the extract on their accounts Instagram respective.

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The rappers have remained very cryptic about the song, sharing in the wake of another publication enigmatic in which appear the names of the two artists, accompanied by the word “KYLL” (the name of the song?) on a black background and red square.

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Friday, Nwar is not the case today @boobaofficial • Cover @chavesss__

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During his detention to the house of Fleury-Mérogis after his altercation with Kaaris this summer, Booba had brought from Medina. The rapper from le Havre, in the heart of a controversy surrounding his concerts at the Bataclan in October, shared a photo of a letter signed by the “Duke of Boulogne” on his account Instagram, in reference to the song of Lunatic The Letter , the output of 20 years earlier.

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love has not always been good between the two rappers. A few years ago, they had exchanged a few digs about the israeli-palestinian conflict in their songs. “My life is in the mood for a palestinian, rappait Booba in 3G . “You’re in the mood palestinian but you have the humour to Netanyahu”, answered the city of Medina in grand Paris .