The children laughable French rap were on the rise up to now, the provocations and inflated the arm, on the social networks. Taken on December 25, an irrepressible desire warmongering, Booba and Kaaris will find themselves well on a boxing ring, as announced by the presenter Cyril Hanouna. The two rappers will be on 5 April in Brussels, at the Palais 12, within the complex of the Palace of exhibitions, in the category of “heavy-light”, according to a publication of Booba posted on Instagram this Thursday.

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Who will attend?

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at the same time, Booba has released a video where he is seen driving his vehicle and speak to his rival: “Armand [name of Kaaris, editor’s note], you’re going to receive tomorrow the contract by a bailiff, signed by myself, to Universal. You’re not in the top, your only way is brawl”, swaggering singer bolted. “The 300,000 guaranteed€ is the minimum,” adds Booba. One can imagine that he wants to talk about the award given to the winner. An ostentation usual in the rap community, in the clips from which the Mercedes AMG and the Lamborghini parading between two kalashnikovs.

Palais 12 has not yet given his agreement

according To their latest statements, and using the hashtag #octagon used by Booba on Thursday – which refers to the shape of the cage, the rappers will compete in the discipline of MMA, practice ultraviolente banned in France. And that requires a strong preparation. The category of heavy-light corresponds to the athletes around 90 kilos. Remains as to whether a referee will be invited. It is known that Cyril Hanouna, faithful Booba, is in the starting blocks.

Contacted by the belgian radio RTBF , the elected official in charge of Sports of Brussels indicates that he does “not support this fight,” adding that the Palace 12 is not a “circus”. The place has not yet given its agreement. Responsible for the programming of the room, Fabrizio Gentile has confirmed having received a request, but claims only to be in the process of the study. The Palace can accommodate 18,000 persons.

After you have announced to all that the battle would take place in Paris The Defence Arena, Booba and Kaaris have decided to migrate our neighbours the belgians before the prohibition of competitions in France. The largest covered room of Europe, she, had neither heard about a formal request, and wanted even less to be there melee.

The laugh bitter practitioners of MMA

Among the practitioners of MMA, ( Mixed Martial Arts ), a discipline that was free where all shots are allowed, some are perplexed. “Still idiots that blacken the image of our sport”, reads on social networks. The sport is already controversial for its violence and is often compared to a cock fight.

On Snapchat, Kaaris was published in early January a photo of him in the company of Salahdine Parnasse, a professional fighter of MMA of 21 years of age in a blaze of victories. Kaaris other these last few days the videos provocative against his rival. Blows: “Send me a contract with lots of 0”, or “with the money of the fight, I’m going to buy you a Greek [sandwich Kebab] and you put it in the butt with plenty of hot sauce”.

For his part, Booba, who is not afraid of anything, has published a photo montage where his face replaces that of… Beethoven, in the painting of Joseph Karl Stieler painted in 1820.

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On January 3, Booba released a fake trailer titled Orly 2.0 . With these words to raise the suspense: “They would have been able to dominate the world of rap, but the inevitable came to pass.” Their scuffle in the duty free zone of the airport, île-de-france in the month of August there is erected proudly in fact weapons. They were sentenced in early October to an 18-month suspended prison sentence. They had performed in the wake of three weeks of detention. The tribunal correctionnel de Créteil has scheduled a hearing on January 17 to estimate the damages that their skirmish justified. It had led to 50.000€ of damage.