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Booba farewell to Ünkut, his clothing brand, and quips about his associates

Rohff, Kaaris, Karine Le Marchand, Damso… Booba is a past master in the art of making enemies. Spade after spade, he feeds her trouble as much as his image of “bad boy”. This time, he decided to attack his own clan. The rapper announced Sunday to his fans in a post published on his “story” Instagram that he left his clothing brand. “Ünkut officially completed,” he wrote.

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The decision of the Duke of Boulogne would come to a disagreement with his collaborators, Jérôme and Laurent Abiteboul. The latter is manager of the brand through the company’s Izi Trading. Booba made fun of the two brothers through a photomontage published on the same social network, commenting: “Alert! The brothers Abiteboule have disappeared, I repeat, the brothers Abiteboule have disappeared. They would be between the Thailand and England. If you ever cross them, but tell them that I’m worried about.”

last July, Booba had already taken to Jerome Abiteboul because he had just signed a partnership with boxer Tony Yoka, of which he was the manager. He had then treated of”notorious swindler, liar, incompetent, and bad payer”, again on Instagram.

Businessman of the year 2016

Booba, whose real name Elie Yaffa, has created the brand Ünkut in 2004. Even if it today is no longer the majority shareholder of the brand (41%), it has substantial benefits. The brand has generated in 2015 fifteen million euros of turnover. In 2016, Booba has been elected businessman of the year by the magazine GQ . Even if he loses Ünkut, it can comfort with its chain of radio OKLM and its brand of whisky D. U. C.

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Ünkut has a reputation to live up to its creator. In 2014, two of the vendors of one of its paris stores had violently been assaulted by Rohff and his / her group. He was sentenced in 2017, to five years in prison. Booba says now of the situation. He shared on Instagram a photo of an arm, where you can see a tattoo representing the name of the brand “Ünkut”, adding the hashtag: “Jesaispasquoidire”.

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