“The rap is a bit like the rock, this is music of anarchists, rebels.” Guest of the show Boomerang on France Inter, the rapper Booba has agreed to answer many of the questions of Augustin Trapenard. In all honesty, the French artist talks about his music, his inspirations, and the same policy, taking advantage of this rare appearance on the radio to draw a portrait unsatisfactory from the “system”, a source of anger and frustration for him since his debut. King of the tops of music for years, but shunned by the radio stations general practitioners, the duke of Boulogne highlights how “life is a struggle without end”.

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“Since Sarkozy, there is too much repression, it’s no fun anymore.” The wrath of Booba has a nice to be one of the engines of his career, he is annoyed when he asks where she comes from. “The FN has just passed, is it not?” he replies to Augustin Trapenard, in reference to the beautiful score of the National Gathering in the last european elections. “France is a country that does not work.” So far, the rapper clarifies that he is speaking of the system, not the people.

A system that disregards the past and slavery according to him: “We do not reimburse, it does not repair, and we don’t talk about. […] At school, as I say in my texts, we speak of the mona lisa and German. We do not speak of the colonies, of all the atrocities that have been made in Africa, the Belgians in Congo, French people everywhere… we don’t explain”. Child, it has been strongly marked by a visit of the Island of Gorée. Original belgian and senegalese, the duke of Boulogne does not feel at home in his sneakers. “This is why I vote no, I do not like the notion of being part of a country, a passport, a religion. It does not interest me, me. When I meet someone, their religion does not interest me, the color of their passport doesn’t interest me.”

“My struggle is my children,”

If the artist declares to be able to stop the music at any time, he remains bitter at the lack of recognition of

“It is as if I was champion of the world, but it is not give me my medal and I not climb on the podium.”


French radios. “It is as if I was champion of the world, but it is not give me my medal and I not climb on the podium.” He considers that this “form of racism” “deplorable”. The one who started the rap “for shit” smiles: “with a song, I can make people cry” boasts-t-it.

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“My battle for me, it is my children now” launches the one that the fans also call it “B20ba”. One thing may surprise in this interview: Augustin Trapenard is careful to mention the various cases which have opposite Booba the rapper Kaaris throughout the year, or even the last slight altercation with belgian singer Angèle on the social networks. Today, Booba prefer to spot new talent, helping them to achieve their dreams, like Damso. “He has won a Victory of the Music that even I have not commented on it before adding: “I care completely”. We do not believe it really.