Tina has a sense of smell. It is necessary to see it stir up the nostrils as a canid. Thanks to her noticing smells more than others, the customs may feel shame and guilt among its congeners. Station who would like to pass bottles of alcohol smuggled in under his nose. The gift of Tina fascinates almost as much colleagues as they are troubled by his physical imperfections. His face blistered gives him the allure of a goblin. The meaning of Tina is put to the test on the day it crosses the road of Vore. The man draws attention. There is suspect. She can’t feel. Troubling coincidence, the mysterious stranger shares its traits the neanderthals.

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Four hours of preparations day-to-day have been necessary to transform Eva Melander and Eero Milonoff in Tina and Vore. Behind the silicone implants that freeze their facial expressions, the actors do manage, however, to express a certain vulnerability when they observe, sniff and growl. These hideous facies d’ the Elephant Man are one of the issues of Border – which we prefer to let the viewer discover the secret by himself at the risk of ruining the pleasure of discovery in the feature film Ali Abbasi.

monster and human

The filmmaker Danish mix tale nordic, fantasy adventure, thriller, romantic comedy and drama, based on a new John Ajvide Lindqvist, with whom he co-wrote the screenplay. The novelist had already distinguished himself in film for the script of Morse (Tomas Alfredson, 2009), an adaptation of his novel Let me enter . A horror movie featuring a romance between a young boy, lonely and a little girl vampire. The monsters were not always to look on the side of the drinkers of blood in this fable, distinguished at the Toronto festival. The recipe is similar in Border . The quest of the self is at the heart of this thriller sensitive, intelligent and nerve-wracking, justly rewarded at Cannes for the prix un certain regard.

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first, Tina seems to be isolated. How to live among his fellows when one can feel their vices? She prefers the company of deer, foxes and other animals of the forest to that of her common law husband Roland (Jörgen Thorsson), an idiot, a passionate competition canines which inspired him to more indifference than desire. After his encounter with Vore, Tina got closer to his humanity inner. In addition to this moral quest, she will discover an anatomy unsuspected in a sequence of troubling and unexpected.

so, We understand that the border to which the title refers is, above all, metaphorical. It is that which separates the human from the beast. The man from the monster. The alien from the familiar. The one that grows in the rejection of the other. The trajectory of the two figures will illustrate this duality. The story is reminiscent of Under The Skin (Jonathan Glazer, 2014). Scarlett Johansson playing an indolent alien of human appearance, revealing feelings. The carnal body forced her to feel human. To the contrary, the humanity of Tina is chosen. It is more noble.