In less than two weeks, the French will return to the polls to elect their future deputies and give new colors to the National Assembly. The finish line in their sights is the time to work hard for the candidates, after the launch on Monday of the official campaign for the legislative elections of June 12 and 19. The stakes will be multiple, between macronists who are counting on a victory and oppositions lined up behind the banner of purchasing power.

Several areas are likely to be talked about by June 12: some will be fiercely disputed when others have the possibility of dismissing a minister from the government. The Élysée confirmed on Sunday May 22 that the ministers just appointed in the government of Elisabeth Borne will have to resign in the event of defeat.

“Parachuted” in the 4th district of Loiret, the candidate of the party of the presidential majority “Together!”, Jean-Michel Blanquer, makes the delicate apprenticeship of a campaign in the face of voters who are often indifferent, even reluctant. Here, the candidate of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, came out on top in the second round of the presidential election and the qualification of the former director of Essec is far from won in this former bastion of the right. The RN candidate in this constituency, Thomas Ménagé, intends to ride this wave.

Note that the former Minister of National Education was never elected, propelled into the political seraglio directly as a minister. And the game seems far from won: according to a recent Ifop poll, Jean-Michel Blanquer would attract 23% of voters, preceded by the RN Thomas Ménagé (28%) and followed by the candidate of Nupes, Bruno Nottin (22% ). The latter relies on humor by using the minister’s look-alike, Nour Durand-Raucher, who distributes leaflets bearing the image of “Jean-Michel Planquer”.

Candidate for his succession in the 5th district of Ain, the new Minister of Solidarity, Damien Abad, is playing a tight game in the legislative elections, between divisions within his former political family of the Republicans and accusations of sexual violence revealed by Mediapart. While he won hands down in 2017 under the LR banner, with 67% of the vote, the politician who presents himself without a label has chosen to bet on a discreet campaign, recent statements may have cooled his readership. In the Journal du Dimanche, the candidacy of the former president of the LRs to the National Assembly makes the inhabitants of the region react: “Damien Abad has always had a reputation as a ‘hot rabbit’ in Oyonnax.”

He will be confronted with Julien Martinez, candidate of his former political family (LR) and will also have to respond to his competitor RN, Joëlle Nambotin-Gobbi, the voters had placed Marine Le Pen at the head of the first round of the presidential election in this constituency. with 25.4% of the votes. A total of ten candidates are in the running. With this election, this member of the government could play his political career.

The Reconquest candidate! in the presidential election is running in the 4th constituency of the Var, which notably includes the municipalities of Collobrières, Grimaud, Lorgues, Le Luc and Saint-Tropez. “I couldn’t see myself avoiding the obstacle as I sent them all into battle, like the image of Bonaparte with the flag on the bridge at Arcole,” the far-right politician told Valeurs magazine. Current, Friday, June 3.

The battle promises to be tough in this torn constituency between the outgoing MP from the Macron camp, Sereine Mauborgne and a far-right rival supported by Marine Le Pen, Philippe Lottiaux. The former editorialist of Le Figaro had repeatedly called for an agreement with the National Rally, in vain. In the Var, the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen had obtained 55.1% of the votes in the Var in the second round.

Will the second round offer a bonus to the outgoing or can Eric Zemmour federate on the right? “I am calm and attentive, responds, on June 2, Sereine Mauborgne, we will see in two weeks. The suspense is not very long now.”

Around Montpellier, some constituencies are shaken by dissident candidacies supported by elected officials. Fatima Bellaredj is running again in the 2nd constituency, where she won only 6.91% of the vote in 2017. The candidate is supported by some local heavyweights like the socialist mayor of Montpellier, Michaël Delafosse who tweeted May 28: “Faced with Putin’s imperialism, which has started the war against Ukraine, we must resolutely carry European ambition, it is the legacy of the left. In the 2nd constituency of Hérault , it is Fatima Bellaredj who makes this choice. I invite you to support her.”

The president of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga, had stood up against the PS-LFI alliance, assuring that she did not adhere to the program of Jean-Luc Melenchon. For her part, Fatima Bellaredj tries to convince left-wing voters on subjects often neglected by politicians, such as menstrual poverty or the management of violence against women. “Faced with disunity and discord, we represent the gathered socialist and ecological left. The rule: start by agreeing among yourself to get along and work with others!”, As she wrote on her twitter account.

The outgoing deputy Guillaume Peltier, who was slow to reveal his intentions, is engaged in a difficult battle to keep his seat in the second constituency of Loire-et-Cher. The Reconquest candidate! will have to face in the polls his counterpart invested by the National Rally, Roger Chudeau, a former violinist. However, the pedigree of this RN opponent could endanger the seat of Guillaume Peltier, since the two men covet the same readership. On the side of the Republicans – his former political family – he will be opposed to Pascal Bioulac, whom the president of the party Christian Jacob came to support in person in mid-May.

The one who was reappointed to the Ministry of the Interior is a candidate for the legislative elections in the 10th district of the North. A territory that Gérald Darmanin knows well since it includes part of the city of Tourcoing, of which he was mayor. Just a few days ago, his campaign was going off without a hitch, with potential former LR constituency candidate Claudine Hue almost rolling out a red carpet for him as he retired from the race.

But the recent incidents that broke out at the Stade de France on Saturday May 28 marred his last days of campaigning. Failures of the security system, poor organization, excesses… the manager of Beauvau brandishes the argument of “massive fraud with counterfeit notes”, but his explanations are struggling to convince the French. He comes out scratched from this sequence. Could the extent of this affair, which has taken a political turn, go back to the lands of the North?

The Prime Minister is a candidate in the 6th constituency of Calvados, “the cradle of (s)a family”. And the female politician has no room for error. Despite the trial and error of a first campaign under her name, the former Minister of Labor plays her place at Matignon: “But I put myself in the logic of this campaign with the objective of winning”, she declared on May 21. This Thursday, the technocrat promised immediate responses to the concerns of the French if they brought a majority in the Assembly to Emmanuel Macron, as she visited three constituencies in Essonne.

If the game is not played in advance, the head of government is moving forward on friendly ground: during the second round of the 2017 legislative elections, REM candidates were in the majority in Calvados with a cumulative score of 49.55%, and won four constituencies.