well, no! The Sun has no monopoly of the circus in the world. The proof is in the two examples. First of all, the circus Bouglione, installed in the building of the cirque d’hiver, built in the Nineteenth century, warm and so well designed that all its squares, even the cheapest, are good

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Their show sometimes borders with the cabaret, and uses all the wiles of the classical circus. Thus, a ringmaster, an orchestra, and animals. No offense to the defenders of the beasts. The arrival of the three elephants on the track amazes the children, before succeeding them horses and a dog scientist who won the same success.

of course, the two clowns play the interludes, the time of the facilities, uproarious even with the numbers out as one of the board that folds. It is in the circus of very good quality, also good in the hand-to-hand as in the chinese pole or with the juggler japanese of 20 years, literally mind-blowing. Two hours of laughter and thrills, where even the most small ones do not get bored.

The cirque Phénix welcomes the artists of the circus of Beijing – to Watch on Figaro Live

In a completely different genre, it was also the cirque Phénix, which, under a huge tent of 6,000 seats set up on the lawn of Reuilly, invites the artists of the circus of Beijing. The show is a succession of impeccable numbers without frills. The key is in the technical prowess. And they are not missing!

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We discover certain specific features typically asian games such as the plates or the juggler of hats. The numbers of hand-to-hand, they are with bells or with an umbrella, are amazing, and the torque on the dolly, amazing.

Here is the staging has little importance, since the enthusiasm comes a whole of these acrobats who throw themselves in the hoops higher and higher, or this high-wire act of “fabric air” – a discipline invented by France in the 90’s.