the ranking of The best-selling comics still swings between heroic adventures and small hassles of everyday life. The untold story of Blake and Mortimer-reviewed by François Schuiten, is at the top of the pad now for six weeks. The derrnier pharaoh begins shortly after the revival of Blake and Mortimer, strangely amnesic, at the end of a diptych called The Mystery of the Great Pyramid (1954). And if the loss of memory of Mortimer could be at the origin of a new cataclysm?

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The young adventurers of the parallel world Alysia followed suit. Darkhell, the dark wizard of the saga youth created by Patrick Sobral, is the subject of a prequel. Associated with Patrick Sobral, Orpheelin back on the past of the villain recurring theme of the series.

The girls and their vagaries of everyday life resist the pack of the securities of the Heroic Fantasy that stands on the rest of the list. Jurassic Grandma , the sixteenth volume of the series Mortal Adele , which recounts the adventures of the little plague favorite of most young people, has penetrated to the third place in this ranking heroic, dominated by adventure stories. Released may 16, the fourth part of Books of Esther, story of my 13 year s , signed Riad Sattouf, is still in fourth place.

the Best sales of the 01 to 07 July (exclusive leaderboard GFK/Livres Hebdo):

1) The Last Pharaoh, an adventure of Blake and Mortimer , François Schuiten, Jaco Van Dormael, Thomas Gunzig and Laurent Durieux, Editions Blake and Mortimer.

2) The Legendary: the chronicles of Darkhell volume 1, Ténébris , Patrick Sobral and Orpheelin, editions Delcourt.

3) Mortelle Adèle, tome 16, Jurassic Grandma , Diane Le Feyer, Mr Tran and Mercy Fir, éditions Bayard Jeunesse, collection Globulle.

4) The Books of Esther, book 4, Stories of my 13 years , Riad Sattouf, Allary editions.

5) Back on Aldebaran, volume and episode 2 , Leo, editions Dargaud , Leo, editions Dargaud.

6) The adventures of Laink & Terracid volume 2, Wankil Studio, Michel Lafon.

7) The Wolf , Jean-Marc Rochette, editions Casterman.

8) Magi, volume 1, Aldoran , Jean-Luc Istin and Kyko Duarte, editions Sun.

9) Bug, volume 2 , Enki Bilal editions Casterman.

10) Elves, volume 25, Vengeance black , Christophe Arleston and Dana Dimat, editions Sun.