The ranking honors for the second consecutive week, one of the most beautiful albums of comics this September. The Indian tricksters , signed Alain Ayroles (author of the saga cape and fangs ) and Juanjo Guarnido ( Blacksad ), tells of the adventures of Pablos de Segovia, the main character of the picaresque novel of Francisco de Quevedo, El Buscon (1926), in the Spain of the Seventeenth century.

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both writers plunge the reader to the heart of the continual vicissitudes of a survivor, rogue (who knows, paradoxically, remain naive, and that will not cease to try to escape to their condition. Rhythmic, dense, restrained, ambitious, with a drawing of a leaping, done in color direct by Juanjo Guarnido of the most inspired, the album has the makings of a future classic of the ninth item

No less exciting, The XIII History , the 25th volume of the saga cult created by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance in 1984, right in step with him. Less classic than the previous ones, the album evokes, via a journalistic investigation thorough, the tumultuous past of Mac Lane, the family of the spy with amnesia, the most famous of the comic strip. A matter that bothers many high-ranking persons.

The complete ranking

1) The Indian tricksters , Alain Ayroles and Juanjo Guarnido, editions Delcourt.

2) The XIII history , Yuri Jigounov and Yves Sente, editions Dargaud.

3) Centaurus, volume 5, Land of the dead , Rudolph, Leo and Zoran Janjetov, editions Delcourt.

4) The Profs, tome 22, Erroc, Sti and Leturgie, Bamboo edition.

5) The vacheries of the navels tome2, A girl in gold , Delaf and Dubuc, editions Dupuis.

6) The Legendary: the chronicles of Darkhell volume 1, Ténébris , Patrick Sobral and Orpheelin, editions Delcourt

7) The Last Pharaoh, an adventure of Blake and Mortimer , François Schuiten, Jaco Van Dormael, Thomas Gunzig and Laurent Durieux, editions Blake and Mortimer.

8) Danthrakon volume 1, The grimoire wolverine , Christophe Arleston and Boiscommun, Drakoo

9) The mythics volume 7, Hong Kong, Philippe Ogaki, Alice Picard and Magali Paillat, editions Delcourt

10) Michel Vaillant: new season volume 8, and 13 days , Lapière, Philippe Graton, Benéteau and Vincent Dutreuil, editions Dupuis.