The infallible heroes of our childhood, Blake and Mortimer hold the top of the pad now for three weeks. The Last Pharaoh is a new adventure of the famous hero “so british”, imagined in 1946 by Edgar P. Jacobs reviewed and magnified by the artist of the Cités obscures, François Schuiten. Intimidated by the brilliant work of Jacobs, the Belgian has been appointed to the help of the three stooges, the filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael, the novelist Thomas Gunzig and the poster artist Laurent Durieux.

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The story begins shortly after the revival of Blake and Mortimer, strangely amnesic, at the end of the diptych The Mystery of the Great Pyramid (1954). And if the loss of memory of Mortimer could be at the origin of a new cataclysm? The Last Pharaoh keeps up with the fantastic and science-fiction, of which Jacobs was fond. The adventure takes root in Brussels, at the heart of this strange palace of justice designed by architect Joseph Poelaert. Another new addition, the heroes have aged.

The second volume of the series Return on Aldebaran , released on June 7, their to follow suit. Signed by the Brazilian Leo, this epic, thrilling and fantastic, inhabited by a bestiary of the imagination is a new cycle of the saga cult The Worlds of Aldebaran , established in 1993 and takes up the themes dear to the artist. She meets Kim, the heroine of the first three cycles, which is native to the planet in question, and Manon, is the protagonist of another series derived Survivors, which follows a small group of survivors on Aldebaran.

No less intrepid, two young women of great character follow closely the adventurers. The fourth installment of the Books of Esther, story of my 13 years , signed Riad Sattouf as well as the sixteenth volume of the series Mortal Adele, occupy, respectively, the third and fourth place of the list .

the Best sales of the 10 to 16 June 2019 (exclusive leaderboard GFK/Livres Hebdo):

1) The Last Pharaoh, an adventure of Blake and Mortimer, François Schuiten, Jaco Van Dormael, Thomas Gunzig and Laurent Durieux, Editions Blake and Mortimer.

2) Back on Aldebaran, volume and episode 2 , Leo, editions Dargaud.

3) The Books of Esther, book 4, Stories of my 13 years , Riad Sattouf, Allary editions

4) Mortelle Adèle, tome 16, Jurassic Grandma , Diane Le Feyer, Mr Tran and Mercy Fir, éditions Bayard Jeunesse, collection Globulle.

5) The adventures of Laink & Terracid volume 2 , Wankil Studio, Michel Lafon.

6) Les Bidochon tome 22, Bidochon restarting their couple , Binet, editions Dargaud

7) Bug, volume 2 , Enki Bilal editions Casterman

8) The adventures of Buck Danny “classic”, volume 6, red Alert , Arroyo, Marniquet and Zumbiehl, editions Dupuis.

9) I. R.$ Volume 20, The demons stock , Desberg Stephen and Vrancken, éditions Le Lombard

10) Bug, volume 1 , Enki Bilal editions Casterman