The adventure has the wind in its sails. Released on 15 February, the fourth volume of the series, Amazonia signed by Leo, Rodolphe and Marchal took over the top of the charts. It showcases the british agent Kathy Austin, deployed in the middle of amazon forest to find a mysterious individual at the physical huge with supernatural powers.

No less captivating, the history of the Katanga revisited by the duo of Sylvain Vallée, Fabien Nury followed suit after trôné in the head three weeks on the highest step of the classification. Dispersion, the third and final part of the saga’s eponymous become already cult, concludes the adventures of Charlie, a black domestic who twists the neck of destiny by putting the hand on a priceless treasure: thirty million dollars worth of diamonds, on a background of a war between the ex-belgian Congo and Katanga province.

More fun, the new adventures of Lucky Luke, leaving the plains of the West, to Paris, operated by a slight rise from fifth to third place. For his 80th adventure, the lonesome cowboy has traded the vast plains of the West for wandering around in the restricted streets of the capital. The tandem of authors, Jul and Achdé, dare a trip extravagant to one who has never left the “american continent”. His only travels outside of the Far West, is limited to Mexico and Canada.

the Best sales of the 11 to 17 February 2019 (exclusive leaderboard GFK/Livres Hebdo):

1) Amazon: Kenya, season 3, volume 4 , Leo, Rudolph and Marchal, editions Dargaud

2) Katanga, the third and last volume, Dispersion , by Fabien Nury and Sylvain Vallée, editions Dargaud

3) The Adventures of Lucky Luke after Morris volume 8, A cow-boy in Paris , Jul and Achdé, published by Lucky Comics

4) Blake and Mortimer, tome 25, The Valley of the Immortals, of Yves Sente, Teun Berserik and Peter Van Dongen, editions Dargaud

5) Sarkozy and Gaddafi: tickets and bombs , Fabrice Arfi, Benoit Collombat, Michel Despratx, Élodie Gueguen, Geoffrey Le Guilcher and Thierry Chavant, editions of The Journal comics/Delcourt

6) The Great Death, book 8, Rebirth, Régis Loisel, Jean-Blaise Djian, Vincent Mallié, éditions vents d’ouest

7) Nympheas noirs , Didier Cassegrain, Fred Duval, Michel Bussi, editions Dupuis collection Aire Libre

8) Asterix, The secret of the magic potion , Uderzo and Goscinny, after the movie by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, drawing Fabrice Tarrin, editions Albert René

9) The Old Furnaces, volume 5, Good for the asylum , Patrick Cauuet and Lupano Wilfrid, editions Dargaud

10) The Arab of the future Volume 4, youth in the Middle East, (1987-1992) , Riad Sattouf, Allary editions