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Box office COMIC: Yoko Tsuno makes sparks

Released on 18 September, the second volume of the gags sex Zep, Happy sex 2 continues to be emulated and keeps the top of the rankings for the second week in a row. With a sense of humor hilarious, the creator of Titeuf addresses again, ten years after the first stage, all practices, all ages, with in supplement the new toys connected to it that have intruded into the privacy of the bedrooms.

The Indian tricksters, signed Alain Ayroles (author of the saga cape and fangs ) and Juanjo Guarnido ( Blacksad ), followed suit after trôné four weeks on the top of the market. The book tells the adventures of Pablos de Segovia, the main character of the picaresque novel of Francisco de Quevedo, El Buscon (1926), in the Spain of the Seventeenth century. Rhythmic, dense, restrained, ambitious, with a drawing of a leaping, done in color direct by Juanjo Guarnido of the most inspired, the album has the makings of a future classic of the ninth item

The heroine of our childhood, Yoko Tsuno, born in 1970 under the rule of Roger Leloup, who has made a big splash in the rankings. Out on 27 September, the 29th adventure of the electrical engineer, japanese, Angels and hawks , if is granted from the outset, a very honourable third place. In this new episode, Yoko part on the footsteps of the young Emilia, who will try to avoid, using the time machine, a family tragedy dating back to the year… 1935.

Best-selling from 23 to 29 September (exclusive leaderboard GFK/Livres Hebdo):

1) Happy Sex 2 , Zep, editions Delcourt.

2) The Indian tricksters , Alain Ayroles and Juanjo Guarnido, editions Delcourt.

3) Yoko Tsuno, tome 29, the Angels and the hawks , Roger Leloup, editions Dupuis.

4) Formica: a tragedy in three acts , Fabcaro, Six feet under the ground.

5) The castaways of Ythaq volume 16, The siege of Grounding , Christophe Arleston, Fred Blanchard & Adrien Floch, editions Sun.

6) The rugby players volume 17, It doesn’t matter who wins as long as it is us! , Béka and Poupard, Bamboo edition.

7) Alpha: season 2, tome14, Dominoes , Herzet and Queireix Alain, editions Le Lombard.

8) The castle of animals, volume 1, Miss Bangalore , Xavier Dorison and Felix Delep, editions Casterman.

9) The XIII history , volume 25, Yuri Jigounov and Yves Sente, editions Dargaud.

10) Tango, volume 3, In the shadow of Panama , Matz, published by Le Lombard.

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