A large architect-designed house, modern, but very down to Earth. A few close-ups on Brad Pitt and Liv Tyler. And then a drawing box to a rocket, like the Saturn V of the Apollo missions. Space travel will arrive progressively in the first trailer of Ad Astra , the new film by James Gray. Brad Pitt played Roy McBride, an astronaut and son of an astronaut facing a global catastrophe: “the Overload”.

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then the stage for Project Lima, which originally “had the goal of finding extraterrestrial life advanced,” says Roy McBride, but “disappeared 16 years after its launch.” A ship that was piloted by the father of McBride, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Brad Pitt, even to Neptune, the most distant planet in the solar system, to conduct the investigation… and maybe find her father lost in the cosmos.


A father gone mad, in the manner of colonel Kurtz, played by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola in 1979? During a questions and answers session in January, James Gray has in any case promised “a mash-up between 2001: a space Odyssey and Apocalypse Now “. A commitment that has the gift to put water in the mouth. Among his influences, the director also cites the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang, and Blade Runner Ridley Scott, as well as The heart of darkness , novel by Joseph Conrad that inspired Apocalypse Now . James Gray has also explained to have read “those who have developed the nuclear bomb and have decided to conduct the experiment of breaking an atom for the first time, while thinking that there was a 10% chance that it makes disappear all the matter in the universe. I found it alarming.”

the commercial failure of The previous film from the filmmaker, the yet excellent Lost City of Z , does not seem to have embarked on his new project. The developer was thus able to benefit from a budget of almost $ 50 million. A time announced at Cannes, the film was originally scheduled for may 22. The release date has finally been postponed to 2 October.