An actress who has the dog. “I dedicate this award to my wonderful actress Brandy,” responded Quentin Tarantino, receiving the “Palm Dog Wamiz” at a ceremony on the beach. “The film has particularly marked the jury thanks to the amazing delivery of the pitbull Brandy,” pointed out Toby Rose, creator of the award. “At least I have the chance already to have a palm”, has ironisé the director.

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Created by film critics anglo-saxon countries, the “Palm Dog” is awarded every year in Cannes since 2001. It is a reward for the best interpretation of canine in a film of the official selection, as it is of the flesh (… and os), or in an animated film. It has in the past, in particular rewarded Uggie in The Artist.

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Woof! #PalmDog @wamiz_ for Brandy in #OnceUponATimeInHollywood #cannes2019 #QuentinTarantino

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A “fake” Brandy has awarded the prix

As noted in 20 Minutes , the real Brandy had not made the trip to Cannes. The organizers of the prize have simply replaced the photo with a “look-alike” found on the côte d’azur: a male grey while the real Brandy is a female brown…