The rapper A$AP Rocky, his bodyguards – a total of four people – beatings a man on the ground. The incident took place on Sunday and was in part filmed in a video circulated by the american media TMZ. On Thursday, the Swedish public prosecutor has requested the detention of three of the four individuals involved in the case – including the artist -, citing “risk of flight” that could jeopardize the investigation.

In a statement released Friday, the Stockholm city court announced its decision to imprison Rakim “A$AP Rocky” Mayers, 30 years old, accused of violence. The rapper was arrested at one in the morning Wednesday after his performance at the Smash festival. According to the Swedish daily Aftonbladet, he has been led on Friday to the tribunal by a discrete input with handcuffs, a sweatshirt, yellow pants and green hair attached. The hearing was held behind closed doors.

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The rapper will remain in jail for at least fifteen days. But the prosecutor Fredrik Karlsson believes that incarceration may be longer because of the investigation. The analysis of mobile phones seized are just beginning and a person is seen in one of the videos has not yet been heard by the police, he said. He also complained that the investigators are working under “the pressure of fans and the economic interests tied to the case.”

The lawyer of the artist, Henrik Olsson Lilja, has announced its intention to appeal the committal decision. “My client is sorry and devastated, he said. It is very difficult for us to understand why he was imprisoned. He has the feeling that all this is an attack against his fans, his team and the entire organization of his tour. My client was attacked, he defended himself. It is self-defence, it is therefore stunned to find himself in such a situation.”

the victim to The hospital with several stitches

In the video of the brawl, we see the artist of 30 years, on a visit to the Swedish capital for a concert in the framework of his european tour, throwing a young man on the ground before him land several blows. The victim has injuries that have required stitches and was taken to the hospital. The rapper has responded on Tuesday by posting several videos of the altercation on his account Instagram. In these videos, A$AP Rocky asked several times to two young aggressive men to leave.

Imprisoned A$AP Rocky will be able to have contacts on the outside, but he will have to cancel part of his tour. He has not been able to secure his concerts on Wednesday and Thursday in Norway and Poland, and will most likely not provide his dates in Europe for the month of July, including this weekend in Dublin and London.

a Native of New York, A$AP Rocky has made it known to the public in 2011 with the release of a compilation entitled Live. Love. A$AP. In 2013, he followed that up with his first album Long. Live. A$AP.