the support Group, headed by well-known public figure Vladimir Barovym arrived in Yakutsk from Buryatia to a release from the mental hospital forcibly admitted shaman TM Alexander.

the Activists settled in the apartment ulitsa Mozhayskiy 17/6, entrance 2, but soon the police raided there and went on the assault, reports the portal

As reported in social networks from the besieged apartment social worker Lilia Donskaya, the police have a few hours to break down doors in their home.

it is Noted that don and the other coming from Buryatia Lyudmila Zemlyakova spent in the Observatory 14 days, but later they were commanded to remain there for two weeks. Women found these unlawful even in the “era of the coronavirus” and ran away from the Observatory. When the police came to his apartment, the door refused to open.

the Police shut off the apartment from electricity and cut down one of the two doors. Women bind “illegal penetration into the dwelling” with the case of Alexander Gabysheva and encourage all interested to help.

As reported, on may 12, Gabyshev was arrested and placed in the “loony bin”. The medical Commission concluded that he was allegedly “dangerous to themselves and others” and “evaluate his personality.” According to the defender Gabysheva Olga Timofeeva, the doctor-the psychiatrist initially refused to accept it, as the basis for this saw.

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