there are the books that you choose to write and those that life imposes. This second product category for the works the most high, dictated by the urgency or even the survival. In this month of January, Yann Moix and Nicolas Rey tell simultaneously how they are dumped by their girlfriend. The first led to the break that he feared, the second has undergone a start that he had not seen it coming. One leaves Emmanuelle in the hope that it will keep, the other writing to Josephine in order for her to return. Leave or be left does not change (almost) nothing to the case: from Benjamin Constant, we know that the pain of the one who goes is as intense as that of the abandoned. What is unbearable, is to accept the end of love. Moix suffering of knowing they are responsible for his grief, Rey is crying to be the victim of surprise. Moix is more depressive and analytical, Rey a more nostalgic and sexual… but Break, and Letters to Josephine are two declarations of love to a …

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