LE FIGARO. – It’s funny, here, all the press you prop up, but if you were a French author the book would have been demolished…

Bret EASTON ELLIS. – Really? How ironic! You may be right. Everyone was very polite. Actually, I felt that some people did not agree, but they wanted to be nice with this american writer. Don’t worry, the United States, critics have been negative. In England, too.

This book is a little Crack ?

Yes, but Suites imperial was my Crack . Lunar Park also. All of my books are Crack . When I wrote Lunar Park , I was in horrible of my life. I don’t know what was happening to me, why I was so depressed and unhappy. I thought it would never end. Fortunately, it has stopped. That said, I like to write when I’m depressed. It is a need. I felt that my life was going in all directions. It was very sad. I had to write this book. At the beginning, I didn’t like Lunar Park . …

I log

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