Decidedly Emmanuel Macron was not unpleasant to Brigitte Bardot. After having, from his infancy, openly supported the movement of the yellow vests, the actress just said all the contempt that she felt for the great national debate initiated by the president of the Republic.

“A great unpacking of the government’s impotence, laments the actress. I judge the great national debate useless!” This causes the ire of the one who inspires moviegoers in Contempt of Jean-Luc Godard? The forgetfulness of the animal condition in the first proposals declared the great national debate that was launched yesterday by the president of the Republic.

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In an open letter published Tuesday, Brigitte Bardot does not bother with shades. “The French are outraged, sickened by the treatment of animals, the last wheel of the coach of Mr. Macron, while the other countries are walking and moving on the animal condition,” she said. Out of the 34 proposals to the grand national debate, there are none for the animal condition…. It is an insult, a contempt unbearable for this fight that I have been doing for 47 years!”

The actress, who had been received at the Elysée palace in July, ” says wait, “the follow-up appointment promised by Emmanuel Macron, which takes much less time to respond to hunters and the cover of gifts”. This, in fact, that Brigitte Bardot, that the executive is demonstrating with respect to the cause that it defends a “cowardly monster”.

Brigitte Bardot supports the yellow vests and gun Emmanuel Macron

Brigitte Bardot support of the yellow vests : it gun Emmanuel Macron – Watching on Figaro Live