BB is going to war against the hunters. The symbolic day of the Saint-Hubert (it is celebrated on the 3 November in the East, Belgium and Luxembourg, on the 30th of may in France) to the actress Brigitte Bardot, the hero of the film And God created woman, has written a manifesto entitled enough , supported by 76 associations, who have denounced “the excesses and provocations of the hunt”.

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In a full-page published on 3 November by our colleague, The Parisian, the foundation Brigitte Bardot and seventy-six associations for the defence of animals describe “practices to be cruel and morally unacceptable” not to mention lambast “the kindness manifested to the elect few in search of the voice, and that up to the highest summit of the State”.

With his usual outspokenness, BB did not hesitate to directly attack the head of the State: “What is exceptional is that 76 associations have all signed on. It is extraordinary, this is the first time that there has been such enthusiasm from the hunting…It is a not great against Macron”, said Brigitte Bardot.

BB requires the ban on hunting with hounds

Among the signatories are the most ardent defenders of the animal kind: Peta, L214, The Foundation 30 million friends), the League for the protection of birds, One Voice, the league for the Protection of wild animals (Aspas), and in particular the SPA. These organizations are indignant, including “100 to 200 hunting accidents, with 10 to 20 deaths each year”, “barbaric practices inflicting unacceptable harm to animals: sledge badgers, use of bird-lime, crushing, and strangulation of passerines but also the 15 million farm animals released into the wild in order to be drawn as ball-trap”.

The foundation Brigitte Bardot and the associations “require without waiting for” the end of the hunt, of the hunt under the ground of foxes and badgers, of the entrapments so-called “traditional” and the persecution of animals considered to be “likely to cause damage,” (formerly called “harmful”). They also claim the Sunday, without hunting for a better sharing of public space.

Monday, 5 November, the minister for the ecological Transition François de Rugy called for the hunters to generalize the “best practices” and to strengthen the training on safety after several accidents, some fatal. “What it tells, this is nothing!”, responded promptly, Brigitte Bardot for that “France has become a temple of leisure for extermination of animals”.

in the Face of what seemed to be a real declaration of war, the national Office of hunting and wildlife has already tried to defend the behaviour of the hunters, recalling that thirteen people, including two non-hunters, had died in hunting accidents between 1 June 2017 and 31 may 2018. A figure down from the previous season.

Brigitte Bardot mobilizes associations for the defence of the animals against the hunters