The eternal activist of the cause, animal, Brigitte Bardot, has not his tongue in the pocket: support to the yellow vests, and fight against the hunting that turns France into a “centre of leisure for extermination of animals”, video surveillance in the slaughterhouses, “actresses teases”…. The star of the Contempt calls this Wednesday the president of the Republic a “miracle” of Christmas to the animal condition. “Animal protection in France is delivered to a total abandonment, a-I-foutisme general government”, ton, Brigitte Bardot, former actress, aged 84 years, in his open letter to Emmanuel Macron published on Wednesday. “Christmas is a miracle for some and I believe in miracles!”, “she continues. “It is difficult, sometimes impossible, to improve the human condition, it would be easy with a little attention, compassion, desire to improve the condition of animal whose suffering is silent is a shame for France,” says Brigitte Bardot.

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“animal protection in France is delivered to a total abandonment, a-I-foutisme general on the part of the government”

Brigitte Bardot

The actress judge the video surveillance is “vital” in slaughterhouses, “places of horror, where 3 million animals are sacrificed each day in France, in conditions of barbarism unworthy and terrifying”. Moreover, she accuses Emmanuel Macron to have is “allegiance to the hunters”. “You are making France a center of recreation for the extermination of animals,” she says. The actress recalls that 76 animal protection associations, including Fondation Brigitte Bardot, come to issue a call against “the abuse of the hunt”. “You have the duty to take it into consideration”, she advocates, deeming them “unworthy of a president having encounters, fishing for votes, with individuals of such vulgarity, such cruelty”.

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in recent months, Brigitte Bardot has called on the president of the Republic on several occasions about the animals ‘ cause. Emmanuel Macron had received it at the end of July and she was then praised his “attention” and his “good disposition”. But in August, after arbitration on the reform of the hunt, she was said to be “furious” and accused him of “kneeling” in front of the hunters.