British doctors have told about long-term complications that threaten ill COVID-19

Many people who have had a disease caused by COVID-19, may face long-term complications that the disease may give to the lungs, the cardiovascular system and the brain, reports TASS with reference to the materials prepared by the National health service UK (NHS). In the not yet published document, which the newspaper quoted The Daily Telegraph, compiled data on the effects of coronavirus, which earlier reported by doctors from different regions of the world. So, the NHS representatives said that many healthy and active people, refresher COVID-19, can’t go back to normal life and lose their independence. This most often happens with people in the age of 50-60 years, but similar problems face and forty. The Daily Telegraph emphasizes that the Deputy head of the new British centre for the rehabilitation of patients undergoing COVID-19, Hilary Floyd indicates that while experts do not have sufficient information on the impact of new diseases, as well as how delayed or prolonged they may be. Nevertheless, experts among the most severe complications of the disease called the defeat of the respiratory system and pulmonary fibrosis that causes scarring of lung tissue. As a result of her injuries the person may develop chronic shortness of breath, greatly increased fatigue, a patient may lose the ability to perform heavy physical work. According to British doctors, 12% of patients who are in hospital with coronavirus, also have damage to the heart. So, may develop heart failure, can cause kidney problems. Mention is also evidence that the disease causes changes in the hippocampus, “that can lead to violations of memory and the emergence of a predisposition to development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease”. Such complications can be delayed by 20 years or more. It is reported that the greatest riskat the complications is exposed to people who find themselves in intensive care and connected to the ventilator. These patients after recovery may develop chronic fatigue syndrome (10% cases), personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder.

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