British media predicted the end of the career of Lukashenka

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka has managed for so long to hold on to power thanks to the “explosive mixture of populism, socialism, repression, Russian money, and infinite patience of Europe.”

This opinion was expressed by the author of the British magazine The Economist, predicted that the upcoming presidential election will be Lukashenko one of the most difficult moments of his career.

the Publication notes that “fair elections” in Belarus were not held since 1994, when Lukashenko became President and promised to restore stability after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In the present circumstances “respressy” and the persecution of political opponents to hold democratic elections is not possible, believe in Britain.

“Because two of his opponents in prison, and the third in exile, public opinion polls banned, and independent observers do not have the right to be present during the voting process — Lukashenka certainly has a good chance again to win”, — stated in the article.

the concerns of the Belarusian authorities must not cause the outcome of the elections and the reaction of the citizens of the country. The West is confident that the Belarusians have accumulated distrust to Lukashenka for his “neglect” by the coronavirus and many years of no change in the political arena.

Specify the Brits and the tension in relations between Russia and Belarus, which could also play against Lukashenko. The publication does not exclude that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin decided to step back from the situation and allow the Belarusian leader “yourself to destroy your own career” to the last lost everything and went to ask for help.