Not great form for Britney. The singer of 37 years was admitted last week in a psychiatric facility. The star is suffering “emotional distress” and will be interned for a period of one month, according to the information of Variety. An initiative which is voluntary on the part of the artist, troubled by the health problems of his father. In fact, Britney has had a complicated year, Jamie Spears has already been operated on twice, with severe problems of bowel and colon. It suffers currently from complications as a result of his last hospitalization.

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In January, she announced to her audience to put his career in parentheses “two months ago, my father was hospitalized and almost died. We are all so grateful that he was still alive, but he still has a long journey ahead of him to go. I had to make the difficult decision to focus all my energy on my family. I hope that you will understand”.

So that his dream to see his greatest hits sound in a musical on Broadway had come to fruition in October, Britney Spears finds herself, once again, weakened and mentally. The pop star, who has marked the youth of a whole generation, was to begin in February for a series of concerts for her tour Domination in a Las Vegas casino. “We all need to take a little time for themselves,” posted the singer on his account Instagram, without giving more details.

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We all need to take time for a little “me time.” 🙂

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In 2007 the interpreter of Baby One More Time , was suffering from a bipolar disorder. She had already made several stays in a psychiatric institution after being found at his home “under the influence of a substance unknown.” It would seem that the endless downward spiral of Britney Spears continues…

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