The account Paul, a friendship , written by the minister of the Economy, and published in the 3 January by editions Gallimard, has been a great success. After reprinting, the print is mounted to 20,000 copies, which is very rare for this type of literary narrative. In this book, Bruno Le Maire, remembers his friend Paul, carried away by the disease.

The story begins thus: in the japanese garden of Buenos Aires, on the sidelines of a G7 meeting, Bruno Le Maire, witnessing the return of the memory of his friend Paul, caught up a few weeks earlier by a brain tumor. He remembers his advice, his beliefs, his hopes, his encouragement, his courage.

Bruno The Mayor retraces the months of this friendship, suddenly, with his tenderness and his discrepancies. It shows how literature, music and the advice of Paul was accompanied his political commitment.

Stele for a friend

The editor explains that this narrative is also “a tribute to human dignity and a moving tribute about the end of life.” Under the title “Stele for a friend”, Le Figaro littéraire , in its edition of 17 January, had said the greater good. “With statesmen and J bear power , Bruno Le Maire, distinguished as a minister, knowing how to write. The case is not so frequent, notwithstanding the desire of many to put their name on a cover. His books have it installed in its of the Fifth Republic under Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy: portraits, scenes, replicas, they lack nothing for they are testimonials valuable to be used in the history of this time,” writes Stephen keith j. watson.

And to emphasize, at the end of his column: “Paul is no more. Rest the friendship in the form of a nice book written as it stands a stele. In the Face of the literature, death, where is thy victory?”