How to make as well as at Wembley Stadium? This is the question that irks the fans of BTS since the group of K-pop to the global success occurred in London last week, in the framework of the tour “Speak for Yourself”. The time that this wave of panic passes over the Hexagon, that is another, much more annoying, which invites you to the festivities Friday night. While tens of thousands of fans gather at the Stade de France to host as it should be RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, the rain began to fall.

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The concert has to begin at 20 hours. If one hour before, the sky clears and the rain is nothing more than a bad dream, the wind continues to blow. Regardless, the ARMYs – fans of BTS – begin with enthusiasm some of the titles of the group, while the team of the concert strives to erase any trace of rain on the stage. Suddenly, while the gray threat again, the screens come alive, the bass began to rumble, and the center of the stage, two jaguars, giant swell. BTS finally appears, the crowd roars, the show is about to begin.

The group launched the festivities with Dionysus . This is the time for neophytes to discover K-pop in all its glory. The song is explosive, the staging of the most complex: surrounded by a hundred dancers, the members of the group sing, rap, disappear before a better come back on stage to dance on a large moving table. They manipulate with Not Today , a call to the youth to fight for its dreams, never give up the fight.

The setlist of the concert does not differ greatly from that presented eight months ago to the AccorHotels Arena of Bercy. The seven members of BTS will, therefore, each in turn, the opportunity to come and sing them as a solo. Another effective way to present all the voices of the septet. One regret, however, is felt in the audience: because of the cold and the wind, the water cannons as well as a facility that is supposed to “fly” Jungkook at its performance will not be used. “It was a small disappointment,” admits Liam, 22 years, at the end of the concert. But [the members of BTS] were awesome.”

When the “Bangtan Boys” find themselves again at the full on stage to perform their last tube in date, Boy With Luv , the pop singer Halsey joined in the shouts of the audience visibly delighted. “I have not seen it happen on stage, she appeared of a sudden,” said Leila, 18 years old, for which this surprise has “changed everything”. Before leaving, Halsey moved the assistance in sharing his affection for BTS: “These boys are very special. These boys are my family!”

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during the medley that follows, the pyrotechnics are called for. The wind continues to blow but the fans bring the heart to the book and sing the words as well in English than in Korean. The time that the members of the group end to present the latest solo performances, the sun has set on the Stade de France. The public will illuminate the more beautiful thanks to the lightsticks that the fans were bought. Sticks of light in the design of a bomb, they are synchronized via a dedicated application. BTS continues his show in the middle of an ocean of lights, arc-en-ciel.

“Paris is our hope,”

After a reminder to be very successful, the group finally is about to say goodbye. “ARMYs, I will stay by your side. I let my mind and my heart here so don’t be sad for our departure,” begins Jin before creating a shock wave by announcing the return of the group “next year”. “Paris is our hope, lance J-Hope who was trying to French. I you likes it!”. In the same vein, V thanked the crowd for the “great good time”. “We live for you, thank you,” he concludes.

It was then that with the help of a translator, Suga asks the audience to tap their feet to hear again that sound that was erected to national pride by the French fans. The Stade de France starts shaking. “Do a concert in front of so many people, it is really an honour for me,” says Suga. “I love you with all my heart,” repeated Jimin, hand tight against her chest.

“Fortunately the rain stopped during the concert,” says Jungkook. It humbly thank all of the fans to be entertained despite the bad weather. Finally, the leader RM admits to enjoy each of his visits to Paris because it is the city of his favorite painter, Monet. “Is it that you remember the K-con in 2016? he asks. We had been very amazed at the atmosphere that you give to Paris, and we had said that we would return. We have missed you, and we will miss you”.

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The fans turn on then the lights of their phones, and the seven members of BTS begin a final song, Mikrokosmos . Too far away from the public to directly interact with him, they play with the camera without a complex offer of the ribambelles of smiles, hearts and funny faces. Finally, to much applause, they greet each other, and then disappear after a three-hour concert. The staff at the Stade de France guides when the fans towards the exit.

“It was my first concert of K-pop,” says Jacob, 24 years old. If he regrets that several concerns at the level of the sound, it was moved to have shared this moment with BTS. “I have found everyone to be friendly, to a level that I had never seen before. All of this makes me want to go back to another concert, BTS or other group”, he adds. Before jetting off to Japan to close out this short (but intense) tour of the stadiums, the septet, the south Korean will shine tonight one last time on the stage of the Stade de France. As long as the weather is less capricious, this time.

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