“Because we respect the vote of the French on June 19, and that the new National Assembly has sat for eight weeks, we will not file and we will not vote for censure”, underline these 53 parliamentarians, out of the 62 in the LR group. .

“We have been experiencing an economic and energy crisis for a few months, inflation is reactivating the social crisis. Adding a political and institutional crisis would be irresponsible”, they insist, in this text initiated by the deputy of the Ardennes Pierre Cordier and published on the site of the JDD on Saturday evening.

“We have nothing to do with the RN or LFI deputies. We fight with our convictions and we will continue to put our proposals on the table, on purchasing power, on the cost of energy for businesses, on a tariff shield for households”, continue these elected officials.

“The government will have to learn to listen to them. If it does not have a majority, it is not because the French would have made a mistake in voting, it is because they are asking it to learn to listen” , according to them.

These parliamentarians criticize the government for an “extremely disappointing” overall budget: “President Macron and the government of Élisabeth Borne do not care about the recovery of our public finances. This attitude is all the more irresponsible as the rise in interest rates run a considerable risk on the sustainability of our debt”, they warn.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will face Monday afternoon in the Assembly the motions of censure of the Nupes and the RN on the 2023 budget. They have almost no chance of being adopted.

These motions respond to the constitutional weapon of 49.3 drawn on Wednesday by the head of government to pass the first part of the state budget without a vote, in the absence of an absolute majority for the macronists in the Assembly.